Hello, Illinek Lodge!

 Lodge is going to be hosting an Activation Event for our newest Arrowmen and their Elangomats to get to know each other in a comfortable environment, without all the fasting and service. This event is also open to the whole lodge!! Due to changes due to the state of Covid we are hosting this event over Zoom, we would love if you could join us. 

This event is taking place on January 24th from 7pm – 8pm. 

During this event we are going to be playing trivia games through Quizizz.
Another email is going to be coming out with additional information and the Zoom meeting link later this week. 

RSVP Here: https://illineklodge.org/event/trivia-night/

Hope to “see” you there!
Jocelyn Williams
Deputy Chief Of  Programs
Illinek Lodge 

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