Remember that those in scouting elected you because they believe you exemplify brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. It is essential in the Order of the Arrow process to have enough Elangomats. You can make a difference in another scouts life. Please consider taking the time to become a trained Elangomat for our next induction. If you're interested in serving, please send an email to and we will follow up with what to do next.

If you have already served as an Elangomat, then it is your job to continue to check in and follow up with your clan. You should continually encourage them to come to events, and participate as an active member of the lodge. You should also continue to encourage them to seal their membership with our Order by transitioning to Brotherhood. If 50% or more of the individuals in your clan earn Brotherhood within 1 year, then you will receive a blue bead to add to your totem!