Transitioning to Brotherhood is considered sealing your membership with our order. By earning the second level of membership, it shows that you have a true dedication for the Order of the Arrow.

If you plan on obtaining your Brotherhood the requirements are:
1.  Dues must be paid through the current year ($20 or $40 (current dues plus past dues) if you haven’t paid in the last 2 years or more)
2.  $25 for Brotherhood sash
3.  Letter to Lodge Secretary explaining why they should be Brotherhood or what they plan on doing to improve the Lodge (letter does not have to be very long and member can bring the letter with them to the event)
4.  Must have been an Ordeal Member for at least 6 months

Scouts taking their Brotherhood, should wear their Scout uniform with their Ordeal sash.

We hope to see a good crowd take the next step in their journey by earning their Brotherhood at the next Transition!