Illinek Lodge is lead by the Executive Committee composed of the elected youth officers and the appointed youth committee chairmen. As the voting members of the LEC, these Arrowmen plan, organize and direct the program of Illinek Lodge. The Lodge Chief serves as the chairman of the LEC. All active members of the Lodge are welcome and encouraged to come to LEC meetings and take an active part in our discussions. Each committee chairman can then form a working group to assist them in their duties composed of as many Arrowmen as they wish. If you are looking to get more actively involved, contact the appropriate committee chairman and / or the Lodge Chief. Each youth member is assisted by a non-voting adult advisor. The LEC meets at least monthly from August through May; all Arrowmen are invited to attend. An Executive Team, called the Key-3 is composed of the Lodge Chief, Lodge Advisor and Staff Advisor.

Lodge Executive Committee

Joshua Womack
Lodge Adviser
Jocelyn Williams
Lodge Chief
Xavier Berg
Vice Chief
Ethan Short
Patrick Dunn
John Schmidt, Jr.
Deputy Chief of Inductions
Aiden Richardson
Deputy Chief of Programs
Luke Hockenyos
History & Design
American Indian Affairs
Unit Relations