Flag Movement Event

Flag Movement Event Hello Ilinek Lodge! This Saturday, we are looking for some volunteers to move some American Flags from Camp Illinek to a volunteer’s house in Jacksonville. We will meet at Camp Illinek at 9 am. We also need someone with a vehicle capable of pulling our trailer to Read more…

John’s Last LodgeMaster Announcement

To Active Illinek Lodge members:

Please be aware that our Lodge Executive Committee has had to make some changes in our Lodge Calendar, as we become accustomed to adjusting to local and BSA Covid guidelines.

The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC), under the direction of Lodge Chief Clay Higginson, meets monthly, 2ndSunday, 2:00 p.m. until May. Virtual meetings until the Council Office or Camp Illinek become available. Check the website at www.illineklodge.com for updates.

If you have not yet paid your 2021 lodge dues of $15, please make payment by June 30, 2021.

Unit Leader Dinner – was scheduled for November, 2020. We are awaiting direction from the National OA office regarding the 2021 Unit Election requirements. There just wasn’t much camping in 2020, particularly long term. Plans will be announced at our February event.

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