This year Illinek Lodge is looking to find willing youth interested in helping the lodge expand its outreach in any way. To become involved in the Lodge is to become a part of something greater. Everything that the Lodge does is in no way the work of just one person, but rather a team of impactful arrowmen. At our core, we are a team designed to innovate and propel our lodge to something bigger, and better than it has ever been. We are looking for any and all arrowmen to serve, and thus be faithful to the high ideals and purpose of the Order of the Arrow. Our committees strive to provide opportunities for everyone, and we need a team to accomplish that goal, and we need your help to make us the best we can be. You have been honored for your dedication to the ideals of scouting by becoming a part of the Order of the Arrow. Now is the time to take a step into leadership.

Yours in Cheerfulness,

Jocelyn Williams
Lodge Chief