Arrow of Light Ceremonies

What is the purpose of an Arrow of Light Ceremony?

The crossover is designed to have a powerful inspirational effect, not only on the Webelos Scouts
participating in it but on the other Cub Scouts witnessing it, giving them a glimpse into what lies ahead
on their Scouting journey. Alternative #1 is a more formal ceremony. Alternative #2 is more engaging
and may be more appealing to an audience comprised of a greater number of young Cub Scouts.
In both ceremonies, the ceremonialists dress in complete field uniforms. When performed by an Order of
the Arrow lodge or chapter team, ceremonialists should wear sashes for the ceremony.
Neckerchiefs, handbooks, shoulder loops, and any other customary items for presentation should be pre-staged and ready for presentation. A “crossover bridge” is optional and may be incorporated as
described in the text

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